Around 100000 apps in Apple’s Apps Store. Let’s guess 20% are games, this makes 20000 games. Thats a neat number! Please compare approximately 1200 game titles in the NDS store.
How much is a game in iTunes? Cheap 0,99$ upto expensive 7,99$. How much are games for DSi? Bargains 10$ upto regular sale 32$. How much is an iPod? 199$. A DSi? 169$. At first iPod looks more expensive but games are much cheaper even high quality titles. Don’t forget the many “free” and “lite” titles. Pretty sure you will end up spending a lot of your time testing and playing the lites. And what I like most: fresh and inventive indie games.

IMO Nintendo is still kind of sleeping inspite of the recent announcement considering Apple as serious competitor. Also recently Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata said it will take quite a long time for the industry to shift to downloadable games. What? Really? Didn’t it shift a while ago? What is Steam and Xbox Live then? And iTunes?

Taking a step back looking at the iDevice it appears to me Apples was accidentally lucky by introducing the iPod as Can-Do-A-Everything-Machine and thenafter pointing out that it’s actually a console for games. And what about Sony? Yeah, they sell the psp go for 245$ and it has some nice tech details, but games cost 36$ (upperclass games). Does it feel(!) like the device that can do everything? No, it’s quite close but doesn’t feel like that. Maybe Sony should have done the Can-Do-Everything officially not hiding it. Sony, think about the app store, think about iTunes. Your Media Go is still neither available for Mac nor Windows 7. And think why Apple can make money with its hardware but you can’t! Even worse: you loose more money with increasing sales.

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