iTunes App Sync Screen

iTunes App Sync Window

The App Store is overwhelmed and overcrowded by the sheer amount of apps. The Appstore would be easy to use with less Apps. Does anyone want less apps? Don’t think so. But Apple must improve here otherwise inventive developers will loose interest as things get unpredictable and developers more and more disappointed. As a developer I wouldn’t want to work for weeks or months developing apps and then never get the chance to make money just by not getting listed on the front pages. One hypothetical example: after submitting my app I only have esoteric control over my app appearing in the charts. Most likely it will appear on chart site 30 or worse because it’s very difficult to sync release date and approval date, actually it’s a PIA. Imagine your business homepage listed in googles search ranking on site 30. Another weird thing are applications getting listed as recent for many weeks. That’s weird as charts get refreshed hourly. Why can this happen? And why did Apple did only a cosmetic surgery with the recent iTunes update? There can only be one reason: they work on the ultimate iTunes beast. I wish my dreams will come true.

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