egging - don't drop the egg

egging - don't drop the egg

egging – iPhone Game
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Although the gameplay is super simple egging is still really challenging. You won’t survive for very long. That’s why time is measured in milliseconds. egging is for these moments much too short to start any other activity and fits well into these little breaks you definitely need before getting back to work. Yet addictive it takes just a little bit of your time. It’s perfect when waiting and I realized that it can give you kind of a Zen mood due to it’s need of concentration, focusing and repeating (although this esoteric thing was not intended).

egging - screenshots compiled

egging - screenshots compiled

So what is it?! I know this will sound weired at first but did you ever try to balance an egg on a fork? On chopsticks? A knife? I would not advise doing so under real world circumstances you might end up with a slimy mess. Here is your chance doing it virtually and even compete against others via world highscores or against friends (AGON online).

Simulation of real world physics is very realistic, means balancing the virtual egg is quite similar to balancing a real egg. On startup you will find a short instruction just in case. But honestly, I don’t think you will need it. Have fun! You will meet me in the leaderboards.

And hey, I forgot to mention. Level “SPOON” gives you the possibility to combine egging with real-world-body-activity, your own creativity and social context. Figure out some rules with your kids?! Like: make it to the next tree and back or walk on the curbstone. But don’t drop the egg. This level’s rules are up to you.


Holding your device parallel to the ground and checking if the menu is nicely aligned makes sure you have a good starting position. Choose a level and balance the egg.

Before being able to enter highscores you have to login with your AGON account.

Don’t drop the egg! This applies to all levels.

Level spoon: Invent your own rules for parties and other social context. Very good for playing with kids. Timer will be stopped by tapping on it or dropping the egg.

Level fork: balance with fork as long as possible.

Level knife: balance with knife as long as possible.

Level chopsticks: balance with chopsticks, stay on top for 20 Seconds.

You can earn 3 awards. Bronze feather with chopsticks, silver feather with fork and golden feather with knife.

  1. 那承㒳冉 Aniya says:

    My only question how Do you balance the egg on egging I already know how to play the game


  2. synapsemassage says:

    If I got you right, you want to know how to balance on the hand? Actually you would do the same movements as in the other levels. The only difference is that the hand is capable of rotating and you will have to compensate this rotation by counter-rotating your device. You could also think the hand as rocker, teeter-totter, weighing-machine that you want to keep balanced by counter-rotating and by that moving the egg into a more ideal position to balance. Mostly you will make very subtile movements if the egg has good position on the hand ;-). Hope I could help you. Let me know if you need further assistance.

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