iPhone 4G Magic, iPod 4G Touch Magic

iPhone 4G Magic, iPod 4G Touch Magic (click on image to enlarge)

Speculating: Was the Magic Mouse only the beginning?
Looking at the picture above you will discover 3 things with iPhone 4G Magic:
A. The backside looks similar to Magic Mouse Touch surface. Assuming the next iPhone and iPod Touch will have a seamless Magic Mouse Touch surface supporting gestures this could give additional control in games, maybe even replacing usage of fingers with the touch screen if necessary.
B. The camera is centered. Why? Because of AR (Augmented Reality). It’s technically more optimal. Is Apple going to support high-end AR on the iDevices natively? Thinking about this makes me shiver from joy. I’ve got a sack full of ideas just waiting for it.
C. The iDevices are going to have an HD Video Cam and 5MP Photo Cam. Crazy!
D. Battery life doubled again. Thank you!
E. Larger Display resolution. 960×640 with higher ppi?
Is it iPhone Magic or iPod Magic on the pic? I can’t determin that. Actually, I wish they would deliver just one(!) model. One affordable phone-enabled device with cam! I would prefer this instead of the other stuff (DSi, PSP, Cell Phone) giving to my kids, wife and for sure to myself :-). More comfort, less electronic waste. If Apple isn’t going to make this happen. Maybe Google should. This would be definitely an USP for a future Google Phone: the All-in-One-Device, affordable and replacing all other devices! Hey google, you could still make a lot of money by selling additional value through software. Don’t be evil, think different!

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