earthing in 777 characters:
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Our home! Sigh!
Home needs moon! Mission? Tilt & roll to catch the moon! Easy? Did you realize that egg shape?

Please, consider not to fall! Otherwise home might be swallowed by the singularity…
You need skill, focus and balance to be succesful. You could attribute earthing with “meditative”. Ambient sounds included.

While not falling, transform all objects in your path into gold. earthing’s physics is quite credible, you can even throw or bounce-up earth.

Game Center: Scores are compared to others while playing. Total score is increased by 1-3% with each achievement. Earn achievements for transforming all level objects into gold.

Currently 45 levels! All levels are unlocked, all levels count.

Expect update-love! More diverse objects, structures and levels in the making!
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earthing is a universal build, you will find it here:

iTunes Web Link
App Store Link
earthing - synapsemassage

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